AK Hi-Tech Security has highly structured, professionally trained Staff, Ex-Servicemen along with the dedicated security personnel to provide quality services. Our supervisory staff is trained and experienced in various fields like industrial Security, Banks & Financial Institutions, and high level societies, VIP Security etc., who manages the standard and ensure the performance of security personnel up to the Client’s satisfactions
AK Hi-Tech Security proposes to respond by providing Security & Manpower Service on 24/7 basis, competent and uninformed guard forces to accomplish the requirements of the clients, including but not limited to:

Patrolling/ inspecting the location of the clients motorized or on foot as feasible, to provide continuous surveillance of designated area.

Installation and operations of safety/security with hi-tech equipment, instrument and devices as per the requirements of clients.

Performing requisite public safety, law and order functions and prevention of criminal’s acts.

Controlling access into and out of the designated areas by means of prescribed fixed security posts and patrols.

Administering and enforcing establishment system for personnel identification/ badges.

Safeguarding the clients and other designated areas/location against unauthorized access, loss, theft, and sabotage.

Maintaining a security awareness/crime prevention program.

Conducting fire prevention and safety surveillance.

Conducting approved searches of personnel and vehicles.

Providing escorts to designated personnel.

Responding to real practice emergency situations.

Maintaining the comprehensive reporting system and promptly submitting the prescribed reports to designated personnel.

Providing the equipment and supplies as authorized by the client’s security in charge / clients / contact person.


AK Hi-Tech Security have drilled the team through high platforms of security training and discipline who secures and safeguards with highly advanced techniques.

Physical Training Programs :

Mock Drill

Emergency response

Labour Management

Material Management

Gate Management

Frisking and searching

Crisis Management

Discipline & Behaviour

First Aid, Fire Fighting

Duties & responsibilities

Safety Committee

Fire fighting

Physical Security Training

Debt Recovery Training Programs :

Dispute Resolution/Consultancy

Material Management

Information Technology/Computer

Debt Collection and Recovery

Mediation & Negotiation

Out of Court Settlement