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Business Debt/Fair Debt Settlement

Debt settlement is when a company negotiates with your creditors on your behalf to reduce the amount you’ll pay.

A K HI-TECH SECURITY & CONSULTANTS PVT.LTD deals with the market protocols and assists its clients in settling debt and reducing stresses either.

When someone finds they are getting deeper and deeper in debt, they sometimes end up in a position where it is impossible for them to meet all of their financial obligations. Debt settlement affords these people with an option other then declaring bankruptcy.

Our Company’s dynamic employees follow the market protocols and thus help their clients for the negotiation purpose with the client’s creditors as nothing is better then something and partial payment then no payment is a possibility to avoid declaring bankruptcy.

Debtors see that our collectors make no idle threats; they do not argue or debate. (They are professionals and aware of your interest to preserve good relations and get paid.)

We personally talk to your debtor on a continuing programmed basis, creatively and psychologically obtaining debtor commitment and payment to you.

AKHITECH employs an experience, trained, specialised field team in each district who clearly understands nuances of field collections and skip tracing to provide services of the highest standard of professionalism and quality.